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About Pokemon GO: In Pokemon Go for android and iPhone you will walk the world as a pokemon trainer, gaining levels in your travels. The higher your level the more powerful pokémon you can catch, eventually completing your pokedex. With higher levels also come high level items like better pokeballs and repels. Catching pokemon is not the only way to attain new monsters, if you catch enough pokemon of the same species you will get the chance to evolve 1 of them into a higher level pokemon! Just like in the Gameboy and DS pokemon games there are aleo Pokeeggs, which will hatch after you have walked a healthy distance. Work out and hatch pokemon at the same time!

Not all pokémon will appear in all places, there will be a degree of rarity too. For example you might be able to find rock pokemons in mountains and water pokemon near lakes, making for a realistic pokemon experience! If you are far from home make sure to be on the lookout for pokemon you dont normally encounter in your own area!

Once you have progressed far enough in Pokemon GO you will be asked to join one of 3 teams. Teams bring alot of interesting features with them like being able to assing pokemon to gym locations or pokestops. PokeGyms can be found all over the world and will require teamwork with other players to build a strong set of gym pokemon to defend your local honor! Gyms can be claimed by the different teams by battling the current owner of the gym, making for an endless battle between the three teams to control the world!

There are numerous more features in Pokemon GO and we will be adding features too! For now there are a ton of challanges and medals you can unlock for your player profile for example.

There will also be a dedicated portable device called the Pokemon GO Plus, this device will enable players to experience the game even better and more immersive, even without their smartphones.